This is the Long Distance Call

While listening to the Tim Ferriss Show with Cal Fussman over breakfast, I couldn’t help blurting an interjectory rebuttal when Cal prefaced his discussion of Muhammad Ali with a description of the 60s. He said it’s hard to explain what it was like in the 60s to people who didn’t live through them “because every day you woke up, and something else happened that made you go ‘what? WHAT?'”

Which, not to take anything away from the 60s or Cal, shows that maybe Cal hasn’t been paying attention lately, because I wake up every day and go “what? WHAT?” And that’s across the board as I stare agog for a variety of reasons at Donald Trump and his unlikely campaign, to Ryan Lochte, to Brock Turner, to the Large Hadron Collider, to the Webb space telescope, to the rising number of mass shootings in the country, to how does DC keep screwing the pooch on their movies, and why are they remaking Big Trouble in Little China?

As Paul Simon sang, “the bomb in the baby carriage was wired to the radio; these are the days of miracle and wonder.”

All respect for the 60s, and to Cal, but what? WHAT?